Sims 3 Story Bridgeport Trio, Chapter One: Introduction

I’m starting a new let’s play/story for you guys. Here is chapter one. I’m also trying out a new format with the text on the screenshots instead of under them.

Leave a like/comment if you like the new format better or if you want me to continue with this story. Have a nice rest of your day/night.

Random Things in The Sims 3 Part Two

I’m back after a longish hiatus with more glitches and fun stuff for your amusement.

Apparently it’s possible to make this with a food mod

Not sure why someone would be jealous of a poisoned apple.

This guy was invited to my sims wedding. After the wedding, he just stayed standing there and clapping all night.

She’s excited about her new baby brother, but I hate to tell her he can’t play dominoes yet.

The trees are growing through the wall.

When walking goes wrong…

They have become one!

Baby werewolves are destructive. That poor chair.

It looks like the sink is trying to swallow her whole oh no!

I think she was trying to clean it… How does her arm twist like that?

This one is more cute than funny. It’s the wall where all the pictures of their daughter are hung.

Hope you enjoyed and I’ll try to post another compilation like this soon.

Random Things In The Sims 3 Part Two

I’ve assembled more glitches and Simmy shenanigans for your amusement. Enjoy!

For part one, click here

I downloaded a couple of food mods and this happened.

They don’t want other inmates to be jealous of…His poisoned apple?

For context, I had a pair of sims get married, and this guy was invited to the wedding. But instead of leaving when the other guests did, he stood there and clapped outside the house all night.

I don’t think this wish will be possible anytime soon…

When you plant a garden right next to the wall and the trees start to eat the house.

Standing gone very wrong…

When your toddler is part werewolf and scratches the furniture to get your attention.

The sink got hungry.

And finally, something not glitchy. These are some photos of the little one in that household.

Hope you enjoyed! Scroll down to subscribe so you’ll know when I post more shenanigans and other fun stuff and have an awesome day (or night)!

Interpreting Your Alignment Scores When Different Quizzes Give Different Results

Have you ever taken one of those personality quizzes that is supposed to determine your alignment (based off the d&d chart)? Do you think it was accurate? Sometime they are inaccurate because of varying factors, such as your mood when you took the quiz or too few (or biased) questions. However, taking more than one quiz can be very revealing, whether you get the same results from all of them or not.

If you, like me, got different results from different quizzes, you can still figure out what your alignment really is (even if you got completely opposing results!). As for myself, I took three different quizzes, and got three very different results. These were: Chaotic Good, Pure Neutral, and Lawful Neutral. But how could I be both chaotic and lawful? It’s simple. I’m both and neither, meaning on the law spectrum, I’m neutral. See how that works? As for the good/evil spectrum, since I got both neutral and good, I’m probably a pure neutral who leans toward good.

But what if you got the same (or very similar) results across all quizzes you took? Well then, you have your answer. Although, I’m not sure how this could really happen, as most of these quizzes have pretty different standards for guessing your alignment (If you find a quiz that asks about your politics, it’s probably a biased one).

Hope this was helpful! Check back later for more posts like this.

Random Things in Skyrim

Here are a few screenshots taken with my newest Skyrim character ( a chaotic-good sort who sided with the Dawnguard). Enjoy!

This is what happens when you put off going into Whiterun until you get higher level. I don’t remember exactly how high level you have to be to trigger the Dawnguard quest-line, but yeah.

The aurora gets a lot of attention, but rainy Skyrim can be pretty too.

I knew my character was too weak to take on everyone in that bandit fort at once, so I climbed up on this rock and shot at the bandits before accidentally sliding off the rock.

Adventurer might get nervous, man approaches her with his weapon drawn… Not exactly the best way to advertise your shop…

I can see the Blue Palace from here!

Not the way I intended to press that button. Ouch.

I was doing a quest I picked up in Riften (think it’s called the book of love?) and there was a heart in the clouds!

Hope you enjoyed this! Check back later for more fun stuff.

Random Things In The Sims 3

Prepare for more glitches and shenanigans!

Stove is broken and dirty? No problem! The obvious solution is to smack it with a hammer until it’s fixed!

Just in case you ever wondered what would happen if you tried to put a non-fairy inside the fairy house.

His poor legs…

Sim girl went into labor. One guy freaked out like a normal person (for all of five seconds) while the other took notes.

Both guys then proceeded to have a casual conversation.

I think I’ve had something like this happen before, but still. She’s talking about a spaceship… I hate to be the one to tell her that’s not how you launch off.

Later, she disappeared except for her wings. That red glitter in front of her is from her baby.

A pair of wings reading on her laptop…

A pair of wings playing on her multitab…

Playing with magic,

Getting WAY too interested in that fire pit…

Oh my goodness not again!

The disembodied wings got hungry.

They decided to tend the garden.

She then picked up one of her toddlers and he turned invisible too!

At least he became visible again after she put him down.

Here’s a rocking chair with wings.

…And apparently it plays music?

Finally, the wings decided to tidy up.

In a different save, Grimm did the dishes for some reason.

This good boy kept trying to lead his humans away from a fire to safety. I didn’t know the dogs could do that! Hope you enjoyed reading this and have a nice rest of your day (or night).

Goofing in Skyrim

I’ve gathered some more glitches, funny stuff, and a few pretty shots in Skyrim. Enjoy!

When your character is both stealthy and flashy in combat.

Ah, Inigo with his snark.

This is a wagon on top of a silver hand. I think the wagon came from a staff I gave one of my followers.

Is it just me, or does it look like his paper is partially in his leg?

It might be easier to read if you hold the paper near your face…

I didn’t know atronachs could float above water like that.

The sky above Riverwood is pretty at night.

This dragon attacked the college of Winterhold. It’s last mistake.

Bad place to….Sit? Stand? I’m not sure what my character is doing.

So, this guy was sleeping when I woke him to sell me stuff… Maybe it’s a new spell he’s working on?

I discovered something. Before taking this picture, I bought detect life and detect dead from Tolfdir, and started casting them to practice alteration. I got to this part of the quest, and look who doesn’t get detected by detect life!

I put detect dead in my left hand. He doesn’t trigger it either. Maybe he’s a magical hologram-illusion thing?

Take a swim, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Here’s a pretty picture from a stroll in the forest. I think I was near Falkreath.

I don’t know what to say about this one.

A dragon? CHARGE!

Are my feet inside it’s head?

A pretty sunset, seen from High Hrothgar.

That statue really can be seen from pretty far away.

Somehow Karjo came with me through the Elder Scroll.

Later, he started doing this weird kneeling float.

The obliviousness of NPC’s…

I’m not sure how this happened.

Or this…

I had just been turned by Harkon after bringing Serana home, and, well.

At least he wised up.

Here’s a floating bear. Just taking a snooze in the air.

Nothing weird here.

What is it with these things morphing through the ground? In any case, hope you enjoyed and check back next week for more shenanigans.

Sims 3 Funny Stuff and Big Update on the LaFleurs!

Here’s a long post to show all (or at least the more interesting parts) of what my current sims have been doing. I also threw in some much older stuff I had lying on my PC for the giggles. Enjoy!

It never ceases to amuse me when sims become friends with their vehicles.

This green ghost dude tried to flirt with Lairyna.

Here is Lairyna’s older daughter playing in the snow with a townie child.

I finally moved the household from their old lot (it was a little buggy). This is the house I built for them to move to.

It looks better without the snow. (Keep scrolling for the progress pics on the building/landscaping)

Here we have the left wing, which houses the kitchen, dinning area, pantry, and library. We have the foyer in the middle, and billiard room behind that.

Here’s a better look at the library. I improved on it later.

Here’s a wider shot so you can see the layout better. To the right of the foyer is the music room, and the room opposite of the library is the sun-room/greenhouse. Behind the music room is the parlor,

Which you can see better in this picture. Next to the parlor is the art room.

The art room contains four easels, two sculpting stations, a whiteboard, and a street art kit. It’s usually just used by the plumbots while they’re not at their jobs or gardening.

Here is a shot of the second floor, which is probably the part of the house that has been changed the most. As you can see, at first I just threw in loft beds for roommates, which I disabled later. I also put the gym up there (in the right side).

Here is Storm’s room (the older daughter). She likes that costume trunk I put in there.

Activity in the art room. Lairyna has taken up sculpting.

Storm is making friends with the chickens.

I did some landscaping in the backyard. I eventually moved the gravestones in the back and put something else there.

I’m not sure what to call this structure. It’s just an outdoor hangout area I guess.

It has a pretty nice fountain. Lairyna went to each of those fireplaces to fireproof them. Just in case.

Here’s that improvement on the library I mentioned. I think it looks better this way.

The greenhouse plants are growing, and that gnome seems intrigued.

This one needs some context. Lairyna met an alien when he visited her old lot to look at her rock collection. They quickly became close. Not sure why he wore a duck belt, but this is Lairyna proposing to him.

He said yes!

Here is a close up of the kitchen.

And these are those upstairs rooms that used to be very boringly furnished. I made two of them into alchemy-themed rooms, and two became game rooms. Here we have Voohoon the alien and Lairyna playing juice pong.

Voohoon is playing dominoes with his step-daughter. (I forgot to take pictures of the private wedding)

He grew some awesome hair and settled in quite nicely.

I temporarily switched to a different save to play a vampire-warlock(witch) hybrid, and sent him to university. This is what one of his roommates painted. Think his major is fine art?

I didn’t take many pictures of
Richard, but he got invited to a costume party. He usually stays at home writing books, but he decided to go anyway, despite being a loner.

Here he is *ahem* “Sampling a hotdog”. Apparently the costume didn’t block his vampire fangs.

Hot-dog-man later went to a kid’s room to recover.

Switching back to our main household, Lairyna and Voohoon had a daughter! I hope Storm wanted a sibling.

The little one’s name is Valkerie.

I’m not sure how, but it appears that the crib was eating poor Lairyna’s legs. At least she’s distracted?

I moved Richard in with the LaFleurs. I think he and Lairyna have started their own book club.

Here is Richard’s room, on the third floor, nice and quiet so he can write his books in peace.

I’m not sure what to do with the rest of the third floor. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

The plumbots have been doing an awesome job in the greenhouse.

Here we have little Valkerie playing with her blocks. She has such pretty wings!

That spicy chili always makes for fun times. What happened was, he ate the chili, then went to put the bowl away in the food-making thing from into the future. Then this happened.

I converted the LaFleur’s old lot into a resort, and went with the Spanish style buildings.

It seems to work pretty well. They aren’t as hard to run as I expected. This is the first resort I’ve ever done in sims.

Voohoon went to check the mail dressed all fancy for some reason.

Voohoon: It is a very nice walkway. I couldn’t wear the duck after all.

Me: Alrighty then.

Here’s a progress picture for the landscaping.

Her drink is literally on fire.

Mr. Rorboro went to the pantry/canning room, and did this.

As for the pot lid, he might be using the force. But why is he cooking himself?

The greenhouse is looking great in my opinion.

Mr. Roboto spends a lot of time tending it.

This is what I replaced the tombstones with (I moved them to the town cemetery).

I’m thinking some hedges around the wall might improve it.

I finally remembered to have Lairyna light the fireplaces in the courtyard.

Another progress shot, but with snow.

I’m not sure which of the plumbots copied the other here.

Storm and Valkerie are getting along.

Again? This kind of thing keeps happening for some reason.

It’s a little scary with the alien eyes she got from her dad.

I built a watchtower in that space because it looked like we needed something there. I think it turned out pretty well.

It’s held up by pillars, and the two indoor rooms it has have windows for walls, essentially. I also gave it a little moat.

I put a few basic things inside, a small table with chairs, mini-fridge, short bookshelves, and a couple carpets for the first room.

And the second/top room got a few sofas, a couple sleeping bags for camping out in there, an all-in-one bathroom, and chess-table.

Time for the random bonus pictures!

Yes you’re seeing this correctly. It is a pizza. In a jar.

I’m not sure how this happened. But Lairyna somehow has five options at once. I went into CAS and it only shows the normal three, however.

And here is a very old screenshot I took of some street art one of my older sims did.

Hope you enjoyed! Check back next week for more shenanigans, and don’t forget to please leave a comment if you have an idea for what I should put on the third floor.

Sims 3 Humor And Glitches

I’m back with more funny sims stuff after a bit of a hiatus. Hope these make you laugh!

So, I got together a household of 16 sims (Yay mods!) and mayhem happened. Grimm didn’t seem to mind though.

I placed a chocolate fountain on his counter, so instead of moving the pancakes off the other counter (or just eating them) my sim decided to put his food prep board INSIDE the fountain. Maybe it will give whatever he was cooking a chocolatey flavor?

This zombie, with a jester’s hat, “hiding” in the bushes, thinking about another zombie.

His poor neck…

I left one of my sims unattended for a moment, and he made this. It’s a snowman.

This ghost-child decided to nap here. Didn’t even know that was possible…

Routine: Wake up, hop out of bed, stretch until you look like this. (Don’t actually do that please)

When flirting goes wrong… His wrists though!

For some reason these two standing with those expressions made me crack up.

This is what was in front of them.

Stereo broke. Solution? Poke that grate in the front until it works again!

His phone rang. And those shorts don’t have pockets. This is one of those things makes you go “Really? why sims, why?”

My sim is such a great writer (unlike his me) that he can write whole books without ever turning on his screen.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Check back again for more stuff of this nature.

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