13 More Funny Moments in Skyrim

Here I’ve compiled some more screenshots I took in Skyrim. Enjoy!

1.She appears to have stuck her axe in her drink. I hope she’s not planning on what I think she’s planning…

2.While riding my deer-horse(from a mod, of course) I stumbled upon a deer that must have tripped or something

3.Even when the city is being attacked, Heimskr still preaches.

4.Not quite sure what happened to the guard here

5.I’ve seen this happen to draugr before. Didn’t know dragon priests could do this too

6.Uthgerd is excited about something

7.Inigo has some fun dialogue sometimes

8.Dragon: Om nom nom

Karjo: Meh

9.Who locks an empty chest? Why?

10.I used to be an adventurer like you…Then someone stood on my knee

11.If I had to guess, she used the same invisibility spell on her spiders that she used on her alchemy station

12.Sleepy levitation

13.This is why mages don’t like melee

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a comment on funny things that have happened in your games and check back later for more posts.

10 Funny Moments in Skyrim

Skyrim has it’s share of glitches, as I’m sure those of you who have played it for much time have noticed. Here’s a small compilation of screenshots I took when I saw some…Let’s say, unusual things. Enjoy!

1.Not sure why she’s holding her broom like this. Also, how did she stick it into the wall?

2. My face…it’s very cold all of a sudden…But check out my dance moves!

3. When your kid decides to stuff her new doll inside some bread

4. I wonder which one he’s talking about…

5. That doesn’t look comfortable. You okay there sir?

6.And now, Nazeem will demonstrate his ability to crawl on his face while talking.

He proceeded to crawl away, to which my friend Vorstag asked him not to go to far ahead.

He kept talking…

I think at this point he realized…He had a problem.

7. Enough of Nazeem. Here’s a cow sitting in a hay bale. Pay no attention to the giant taking a nap.

8. She has learned how to levitate!

She apparently taught them how as well. I like how Karjo is looking in the opposite direction.

9. This dawngaurd scout is very ghostly. The timing Inigo has with his dialogue sometimes…

10. This isn’t what I meant when I said to get in the cart…

Hope you enjoyed these shenanigans! Check back later for more funny moments.

Tour of my Creative Minecraft World Part Five

Welcome to part five of my modded world tour! In this part I will be showing you the rest of the fort that I started showing you in part four

Here is the entrance to the storage room. I have all the rooms lined up against the outer wall. As you can see in the pic, I built a bit of a roof over the pathway that leads to the various rooms. You can also get from room to room inside, as I attached them with doors.

Here we have the interior of the storage room. It’s just your basic storage, with trapped chests next to normal chests, and signs for labeling.

Here’s a view of the other side of the storage room.

Next to the storage we have the kitchen

This kitchen is furnished with items from the cooking for blockheads mod. What the mod does is it lets you put ingredients in the storage blocks (the counters which have cabinets, and the fridge) and then you can right click the cooking table to see what you can make with what you have. It’s a huge time saver.

This is a view of the kitchen from another angle.

Next to the kitchen we have the barracks. The windows on the door are covered with banners to serve as curtains.

On the inside side of the doors we have pressure plates to automatically close the doors on entering.

This was built before different colored beds were an option. The banners hanging from the ceiling are attached to trapdoors.

Here’s one corner of the barracks. If you look closely you can see that I used both wool blocks and carpet for the floor, so I could place the banners. I think it gives the room slightly more depth.

Continuing on, we have the Smithy

Here’s the forge. The stone was meant to cover the redstone but it turned out pretty awkward. Under the lava we have four hidden furnaces.

The furnaces are all stocked with fuel.

Here’s a workstation in the smithy, along with a little storage space.

We have some extra anvils on one wall.

Here’s a better view to give you an idea how things are positioned.

The next room is the alchemy room (or brewing room if you prefer).

On the back wall we have a bunch of brewing stands with hoppers to put ingredients in, and chests for storing potions and ingredients.

To the left of the room we have some cauldrons made to look like sinks, with banners for towels and trip wire hooks for faucets.

On the right side of the room we have a picture I thought would work well here, plus more brewing stands and some nether wort growing.

Next to the alchemy lab we have our enchanting room

We have two enchanting stations in here, to give options. We also have a small storage space for lapis and books.

One of the stations lets you climb up with a ladder to see and use the enchanting table.

Just have to be a little careful because I didn’t put any ladders on the inside

And then we have the one you can simply walk into.

There are some empty rooms in the fort. If you have any suggestions for what I should put in them please leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed the tour! I will be showing more builds I have in this world in part six.

Sims 3 Challenge

This is just something I thought might be fun to do at some point. Forgive me if it has similarities to any other challenge(s) If you want to see me do this challenge, leave a comment.

Before we get started with the rules, I would highly recommend getting nraas story progression, the vector mod, and the no fridge shopping mod. You will also have to have World Adventures to make your basement bunker. For the extra challenging version, you will need either Supernatural or Into The Future, and Seasons.


An entire island town has been wiped out by disease, tsunamis, and earthquakes. All buildings in the town have been flattened, leaving only basements/bunkers remaining. A small group of 6-8 survivors managed to escape to one of these bunkers and survived. They now must try to rebuild the town and populate it.


You must have at least three couples. They can be ages teen, young adult,adult, or all three (Obviously the teens would be paired together if you choose to have them). You may have a fourth couple if desired, or you can have two pets, or a extra single sim and one pet, if you want. Pets would make it more challenging, but if you got horses you could get around easier.

The town may not have ANY buildings other than the bunker/basement your group is living in. Either load up a town from your main menu and bulldoze all lots, download a town without buildings in it, or, if you know how, you can make your empty island with the create a world tool.

If you get a town with roads, you cannot let your sims drive or get a taxi, they must either walk (click the ground and select “go here”) or ride a horse. If your group can afford a bike they may have one.

Your group must be the only survivors. Use Nraas to make sure no one new can move in. You can do this by clicking on city hall then nraas>story progression>general options>options lots>options immigration/emigration>immigration gauge 1000

After setting that up get rid of city hall

Once the town is empty of buildings and npc sims, you can create your household. They can have any traits you want, and look like whatever you want. You may make them supernatural if you have that pack. Just make sure you have at least three couples.

Once that’s done, place them on whatever size lot you want. There is no limit for size because you literally have an entire empty island.

Build the bunker. You will need to have a bedroom for each couple. Each bedroom needs a double-bed, a dresser, and a light source.

There has to be a kitchen with the basics. Make sure you have a table with enough chairs to seat everyone in your household.

If you have light sources that look like candles and rustic looking kitchen and bathroom appliances, use them.

There must be at least one bathroom.

If you choose to have even more of a challenge, you will need to set your seasons to only allow winter. Then, build a little produce garden in the bunker. You will either need to use the planter pots from Supernatural or the green rugs from Into The Future. Your sims can then collect seeds to plant in here.

In addition to the basics already mentioned, your bunker will need a bookshelf.

Once the bunker is built, set your family funds to 0. Do this by pressing ctrl shift c, then type testingcheatsEnabled true. Hit enter. Press ctrl shift c again and type your household name then 0. Example: familyfunds Huntsman 0.

Your household now must attempt to survive and rebuild the town. Send them fishing to get some food. What they don’t need to eat you can sell. You MAY NOT let them get free meals by getting quick meals, nor can you let them cook something if they don’t have the ingredients for it.

You cannot build extra stuff or buy anything for the bunker (after it is built with what I already mentioned) until at least one of your sims has mastered handiness.

To be able to place community lots, you must have one sim master handiness and two others must have their handiness skill to level 7 at least. You also must subtract funds from the household for each building you place. It takes 25,000 for rabbithole lots and 45,000 for things like parks, gyms, libraries, bars, etc.

To build houses other than the bunker your sims are living in, you must have one sim master handiness and two others get to at least level 7 handiness. Subtract the value of the house from your sims funds.

When you have your couples have kids, the kids can grow up and move to the houses you build.

After building all necessary community lots (grocery store, city hall, bookstore, gym, library, school, one park) and 10 houses, you may allow npc sims to move in to the town.

You win if you get to the point were npc’s are allowed to move in.

You lose if you get down to just one person in your household before npc’s can move in.

Enjoy the challenge!

Tour of My Creative Minecraft World Part Four

Welcome to part four of my modded world tour!

There is a long walking path from the farm to the fort, and there a lots of trees on the way. I won’t be including the trip to the fort as it’s not really interesting. This first shot shows a few fig trees, a house, and a chicken coop in front of the fort

Here is the front gate, which can be opened with buttons. The buttons might be a little hard to see, but they are above the doors.

Here’s the interior of the gate. To the left and right, we can reach various rooms of the fort, and if we go forwards we will reach the courtyard

Here is the courtyard, with some nice little lampposts to light it up at night. We have some pigs patrolling around

Further along the path in the courtyard, we have barrels set up to catch rainwater. The barrels are from the Rustic mod. Up ahead is the keep

Here is the small fishing set up, with a trap from Pam’s Harvestcraft mod

Here’s the front door of the keep

And the interior of the keep. It’s been set up as a great hall.

The keep features a small reading area in one corner

This is a close up of one of the chairs at the end of the huge table

Behind the table, at the back of the keep, we have a warm sitting area surrounding a large fireplace

Here’s a better view of the fireplace

At one end of one the large couches we have a jukebox with a chest of music discs beside it

In the opposite corner from the reading area, we have a smaller table with chairs

Here is part of the reading area

And another pic of the reading area, which has some chests with writing materials

Hope you enjoyed the keep tour! We will be checking out the rest of the fort in part five.

Tour of my creative minecraft world part three

Welcome to part three of my modded creative world tour!

Where we left off we had just finished looking at the main farmhouse in the first little area I built on here. Now it’s time to tour the guesthouse. In the above pic you can see the well, part of the orchard, and the front door of the guesthouse

Here we have a closer look at the front porch (or would it be called a “stoop”?)

Upon opening the door, we are greeted by this nice little mat from mrcrayfish’s furniture mod

Taking a right leads us further into the house. We have a small dinning table by the window

And from there we can walk into the cozy kitchen

You can get a better look at the kitchen in this pic

Going up the ladder from the kitchen takes us to the attic bedroom

It’s a pretty roomy bedroom (actually bigger than the bedroom in the main house now that I think of it), and it has it’s own little stereo by the bed.

Here is a shot of the opposite wall from the bed. This wall is lined with cabinets for storage

To the right of the bed is a small nook with a lounge sofa to sit and read a book in comfort

When we go back downstairs, we have the bathroom

Pretty simple, we have some curtains that can be closed when you want more privacy

Here’s a better view of the shower, sink, and functional mirror from the furniture mod I mentioned

Before I finish this, here is a sneak peek of the fortress I will be showing in the next part of the tour!

You can see the rest of the fort in part four. Hope you enjoyed! Check back later for future posts

Cooking Tip to spruce up Tuna Salad

Since you guys really seemed to like the tuna salad recipe I posted yesterday, here’s a quick tip to take it up a notch


Prepared tuna salad(see my previous post for a recipe)

2 slices of bread of your choice

1 slice of cheese of your choice (I personally use American)


  1. Spoon some tuna salad onto one of the bread slices
  2. Place your cheese of choice on the tuna
  3. Place the 2nd bread slice on top
  4. Pop it into your toaster oven to toast the bread and melt the cheese
  5. Enjoy! Refrigerate leftovers

Recipe For Tuna Salad

Here is a quick and easy recipe that can be done in under 30 minutes


One egg per one can of tuna is the ratio I use, but if you want less egg you can do one egg per two cans of tuna. You will also need some mayo, mustard, and pickle relish (if desired)

Preparation Instructions

Step 1. Boil your eggs in salted water for 15 minutes

Step 2.While the eggs are cooking, open and drain the tuna can(s). Use the lid of the can to hold the tuna in while you pour out the water

Step 3. Scrape the cans out into a mixing bowl

Step 4. After the eggs are done, peel them and dice them into the bowl

Step 5. Spoon in some mayo. Use about one tablespoon per can of tuna or add mayo until desired consistency

Step 6. Add mustard to taste

Step 7(optional). Add pickle relish to taste

Step 8. Blend everything together in the bowl

Step 9. Enjoy on bread or crackers and refrigerate leftovers

Tour of my creative minecraft world part two

Welcome to the continuation of my modded creative world tour! Enjoy!

Next to the tree farm we have some apiaries from Pam’s Harvestcraft mod. Off to the left you can see some crop farms. The walls and such of the crop farms are from the prefab mod, I just planted crops in them.

Here we have an outside view of both of the storage houses. There are rain collectors from the tough as nails mod on either side of the double doors.

Here is an aerial view of the crops, most of what was planted came from Pam’s Harvestcraft, and vanilla minecraft. There are more rain collectors along the path.

Further along the path we have the orchard. All the orchard trees are from Pam’s Harvestcraft.

Here is a ground view of the orchard, and you can see the front of the main farmhouse.

This is the main farmhouse, and to the left you can see a glimpse of the guesthouse.

The interior hallway of the main house, decorated with banners from vanilla and shelves/bookshelves from the Bibliocraft mod

Here we have the powder room

A better view of the shower-tub combo. The furniture is from Mrcrayfish furniture mod.

Across the hall from the powder room is the dinning room, which is open to the kitchen

Further down the hall to the left (second door) we have the small, cozy parlor.

Here’s a better view of one of the seats in the parlor

Across the hall we have the kitchen. The coolers outside the door came with mrcrayfish’s furniture mod.

Here is the roomy kitchen, where the food that is grown on the farm is prepared and cooked

Another pic of the kitchen, so you can see where it connects with the dinning room.

Across from the kitchen we have the bedroom

And next to the backdoor, at the end of the hall we have the ladder that leads into the attic

Here we have the attic, which is just a big alchemy room with some storage space

The chests on the wall are labeled for various potions

Here we have the table with the brewing stands

Through the backdoor…

…Is the very nice backyard. We have loads of flowers growing. On the right you can see the pool, in the middle is the birdbath, and if you look closely to the left you can see the trampoline

The pool has a diving board from the furniture mod I mentioned earlier.


Here is a little fire with some chairs to sit and get warm

Here’s the grill and a table for outdoor cooking

And here we have a table to sit and eat outside at, so you can get fresh air and smell the pumpkins

Next to the table we have the functioning trampoline from the furniture mod

You can jump pretty high on it

And that concludes part two. Hope you enjoyed! Check back later to see part three, in which I will be showing the guest house and maybe part of the fortress! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! I’m thinking of starting a let’s play on here, if you are interested in seeing one comment on which game you want to see out of the following: Minecraft, Skyrim, or The Sims 3

Tour of My Creative Minecraft World Part One

Enjoy part one of the world tour of my modded creative minecraft world (with screenshots)

Here is the entrance of the first area I was working on in this world. The dirt hills were made using the worldedit mod.

This is the path leading in to the place.

After a little walking you reach the farm base. The original goal when I made this world was to use every crop Pam’s Harvestcraft mod had at the time. In the distance you can see the horse stable and the wood farm.

On the left is the horse stable (unfortunately all the horses and other farm animals are gone), on the right is the barn where I kept sheep, cows, and pigs, and the center building (the one made of stone bricks) is a monster masher. All these buildings are courtesy of the Prefab mod.

Here is an air view of the tree farm. There is a chicken coop on the right, and the storage houses are on the left. The buildings are also from the Prefab mod, though the trees don’t come pre-planted.

Here we have a ground shot of the tree farm

An archway leading to the front of a storage house

Here is an inside peek of the storage

Each box was labeled to hold just one crop. This was actually pretty tedious to find the right one.

I think I hit the limit on number of pictures that are allowed per post. Hope you enjoyed and check back later to see the rest! Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to this blog to see when I post new pages. Have an Excellent rest of your day!

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