My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Sims 3 Humor And Glitches

I’m back with more funny sims stuff after a bit of a hiatus. Hope these make you laugh!

So, I got together a household of 16 sims (Yay mods!) and mayhem happened. Grimm didn’t seem to mind though.

I placed a chocolate fountain on his counter, so instead of moving the pancakes off the other counter (or just eating them) my sim decided to put his food prep board INSIDE the fountain. Maybe it will give whatever he was cooking a chocolatey flavor?

This zombie, with a jester’s hat, “hiding” in the bushes, thinking about another zombie.

His poor neck…

I left one of my sims unattended for a moment, and he made this. It’s a snowman.

This ghost-child decided to nap here. Didn’t even know that was possible…

Routine: Wake up, hop out of bed, stretch until you look like this. (Don’t actually do that please)

When flirting goes wrong… His wrists though!

For some reason these two standing with those expressions made me crack up.

This is what was in front of them.

Stereo broke. Solution? Poke that grate in the front until it works again!

His phone rang. And those shorts don’t have pockets. This is one of those things makes you go “Really? why sims, why?”

My sim is such a great writer (unlike his me) that he can write whole books without ever turning on his screen.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Check back again for more stuff of this nature.

Recipe: Sloppy Joe Casserole

This week we have a recipe that I came up with a while ago. Enjoy!


Pasta of your choice (I used veggie spirals)

Browned beef, drained

Tomatoes, chopped

(optional) diced bell pepper

Your choice of Sloppy Joe sauce


After browning and draining the beef (rinse it in a colander), boil the pasta until it’s soft (al dente usually takes 7 minutes), stirring occasionally.

Pour your sauce, chopped veggies, cooked pasta, and browned beef into a pot and warm it on medium heat, until it’s just simmering (This means a few bubbles, but not boiling), stirring frequently.

Enjoy and refrigerate leftovers.

My recent moments in Skyrim (funny stuff)

Here are a few screenshots of the highlights of some things my newest Skyrim character has seen. Enjoy!

First, we have the obligatory pretty sky picture.

I thought I would save myself some time later (because I will eventually have this character join the DB), and I got this letter! Finally I know who it was who didn’t like poor Ennodius.

On a lighter note, here’s a pretty sunset that I saw while getting a carriage ride to Markarth.

Kharjo appears to be having some difficulties…

So I gave a dagger to Inigo, and he somehow equipped it like this, at the same time as his sword. Teach me your ways, Inigo!

Hope you enjoyed and have a nice rest of your day.

Sims 3: Lairyna LaFleur, Update on my current sim/household

I believe I showed Lairyna to you lovely people in a glitches post before. Here’s an update on what she’s been up to lately.

When you first saw her she was a teenager. This is her birthday party. She invited some friends to watch her age up to young adulthood. I chose Major Master as her lifetime wish.

After she aged up, I sent her to university to have her earn her first degree. This is her celebrating after a successful protest.

Here she is taking notes of…The whiteboards I guess? Her professor is strangely absent from class. Wait a moment…That may be her in the back.

She claimed the dorm room with an easel. And no stereo for her roommates to turn on and wake her with! (That happens a lot in my games for some reason haha)

Here she is being happy because she finished her degree in science and medicine.

That suitcase looks pretty heavy, but it doesn’t seem to be impeding her ability to fly.

Here she is back at her place, which I expanded from one room to three.

After she graduated university, Lairyna got a job in the medical career. It’s kind of amusing to see her on her motorcycle in scrubs.

I replaced her old loft bed with a nice double bed. (And yes, that is a tub you see in the corner of her bedroom).

She’s adventurous, so she traveled to China with her high-school sweetheart. (I have the traveler mod installed) This is them sparring at the academy.

After that, they went to Hans Orchard to gather some food.

They made camp by the lake there. (Gotta love those portable fire pits!)

The night after that, they decided to sleep at the actual base camp. This lady (I think she was a paparazzi) took their pictures while they slept! Creepy….(I say while I show you a picture that I took of them while they slept…)

This is them dancing to some tunes on the radio. While creepy camera lady looks on.

After the trip to China, I built this basement treasure room of sorts for her.

This a party at the house of one of Lairyna’s friends. She decided to entertain them with her piano skills.

Here she is practicing her martial arts skill in the China room.

This is Lairyna holding a clinic for the townies.

She had to fight off a burglar. Looks like that martial arts training came in handy!

After a while, I sent her to university again to get her second degree. She got an opportunity to make some street art.

Just chilling in the dorm’s dinning room.

She used her maxed out logic skill to tutor one of her roommates in martial arts. She now has a sparring partner. She eventually completed her second degree, which was in technology.

She had a wish to travel to China again, so I sent her after she got back from university. This is her picking up that boulder-smashing axe…

…Which she immediately used on a nearby boulder.

After her second trip, she needed more space in her treasury. I expanded it and did some recoloring. I also hung up some photos from her two trips, and a painting she made that
I thought looked good there.

I forgot to take screenshots at this point, but I have sent her to Uni again so she can get her third degree, which will be in fine arts. Before she left for her third trip to uni, she made two robots. Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to check back next week for more content.

Skyrim Character Randomization with Dice

This is for when you run out of character ideas, or just want something different from your normal play style. You will need a set of dice to do this, but there are online free dice rollers out there if you don’t own a set. Enjoy!


Roll a d6 to determine the gender of your character. Odd numbers mean male, even numbers mean female.


Roll a d10 to determine what race your character will be.

1 is Altmer

2 is Argonian

3 is Bosmer

4 is Breton

5 is Dunmer

6 is Imperial

7 is Khajiit

8 is Nord

9 is Orc

10 is Redguard


Roll a d3 to determine which of the three basic classes (Warrior, Rogue, Or Mage) your character will be. If you want, you can still do things like a spellsword or something, like if you rolled mage you could use magic and a weapon, for example. Obviously you won’t have to be strictly any one of these. It’s just a sort of guideline for role play purposes.

Rolling a 1 means your character is primarily a warrior.

2 means they are primarily a rogue.

and 3 means they are primarily a mage.


Roll a d8 to determine your character’s favorite weapon. (This step is optional for pure mages. If you rolled the mage class and want to play a pure mage, skip this. If you want to play as more of a spellsword type, carry on). Your character can use weapons other than their favorite type, of course. This is just the main one they will use.

1 is a sword

2 is a waraxe

3 is a mace

4 is a greatsword

5 is a battleaxe

6 is a warhammer

7 is a dagger

8 is a bow

If your character did not choose a two handed weapon (that includes bows), roll a d20. If you roll an 11 or higher, your character has the option of dual wielding a second weapon of your choice. If your character is mainly an archer, you should probably carry a dagger as a backup.

If your character is primarily a mage, roll a d3. Rolling a 1 means you will primarily use fire, 2 is frost, and 3 is shock.


Roll a d3 to determine your character’s armor type.

1 is heavy armor.

2 is light armor.

3 is either clothes or mage robes. You decide which one.

See the advanced rules for mixing armor types.

Advanced Rules


Roll a d10 to determine your character’s alignment. If you roll a 10, re-roll.

1 is chaotic evil

2 is neutral evil

3 is lawful evil

4 is chaotic neutral

5 is pure neutral

6 is lawful neutral

7 is chaotic good

8 is neutral good

9 is lawful good

Your interpretation of these alignments is up to you. What one character might see as good or evil might differ from the next character.


If you have the alternate start mod, choose “surprise me” when asked what start you want.

I would also recommend getting the Amazing Race Tweaks mods.

Advanced Armor Rules: Mixing Types

After you’ve rolled to determine your primary armor type, roll a d20 to figure out if you can use more than one type. If you roll an 11 or higher, you can use your choice of armor type for your boots, helmet/hood, and gauntlets/gloves. Your chest-piece still must be whatever type you rolled as your primary armor type.

Happy questing! If you see any flaws or have questions about it, please feel free to leave a comment.

Highlights from my more recent Sims 3 gaming

There’s still a lot of stuff going on IRL so I couldn’t post yesterday, but here’s this…thing? I’m quickly learning how bad I am at writing intro’s, so let’s just do this. Enjoy!

Here’s a smurf-like teen with a bowl stuck to her hand. Nothing weird here…totally…

Here’s a different blue person, who somehow is eating through the keyboard. Her plate is inside it!

This is Lairyna, my most recent sim made in cas. She’s a teen cause I felt like it. Here she is doing her homework in between dumpster dives.

Poor Lairyna got abducted by aliens. Of course, she could have just not gone outside at night to investigate that anomaly.

The limo came to pick her up for prom, and her wings clipped through it. I’m convinced that all fairies in this game are really part ghost.

Did I mention she’s also part genie? (Yay for the hybrid mod). You can see what her house looks like from this one. It’s just a little one room thing, she keeps her sleeping bag off to the right, in between the tv she found in a dumpster and the wall. Most of her furniture was either dumpster-dived for, or salvaged, like her beat-up table. She also bought a few small things, like cheap books and that teddy bear, at the consignment store. I think that, aside from her sleeping bag, the only thing that she paid full price for was her cooler.

Hope you enjoyed! I might (probably will) be doing shorter posts like this for a while, until real life calms down.

A few screenshots from The Sims 3 (glitches)

Shorter post this week due to loads of stuff going on IRL. Two of the screenshots are of glitches, the third is a bonus.

This is one that I saw upon opening my main menu in the game. I’m not really sure what happened to them… The girl’s arms seem to have problems…

This one may be worse. It’s one that I took before the other one like it. It seems like the genie and werewolf sims in the household…I’m not even certain as to what it is they’re doing. Meanwhile, grandpa has lost something…

And here is the bonus picture. This unicorn visited my sim while he was camping in France.

Hope you enjoyed! Check back next week, hopefully I’ll have time for a longer post by then.

Most Recent Moments in Skyrim Part Two

Here’s an update of my current character’s latest activities, with screenshots. As the previous one was, this will be in reverse-chronological order. Enjoy!

The last thing I did before going to other stuff IRL was fight/defeat the Ebony Warrior. For some reason he didn’t put up as good of a fight as he usually does. The glowing dude is Marcurio, who came along to help. I switched him from a dawnguard chest-piece to an ebony one.

This is a cave that I explored with an orc who was sent to kill a giant. I ended up killing the giant for him, then he tried to kill my character! (It’s okay though, he was kind of annoying haha). Needless to say I introduced him to my lovely sword.

So many pretty colors in this one. I think I was near Dawnstar.

Yay dragon-slaying. Nice background though, I think. I switched from my previous gear to dark brotherhood stuff, but kept my old hood and mask, and replaced my blue cape with a black one to match it with the rest of the outfit better.

Here’s the dragon I slayed.

I’m pretty sure this was in the forest outside Riften. The dragon was glitched out and wouldn’t do any animations, he was just frozen in this position. He still managed to fight me though.

This one amused me. I did as the emperor asks you to do when you get to that stage in the quest, and when I left the Dawnstar sanctuary, after talking to Cicero, a courier brought me this.

Not sure which dungeon this was in

I think this was on the Katariah. Maybe.

This one was kinda funny to me because of a theory that’s out there about this questline…

This is just one of the multiple sky pictures I took.

I forget which dungeon this was in, but it’s a cool battle pic anyway.

Here’s one of those rare ones that you can see Ajofis’ eye in. At the point in the dark brotherhood questline where you’re sent to take down Hern(I think that’s his name?), she got turned into a vampire. I didn’t get her cured because I felt like it would make for interesting character development.

This was taken during that segment when the sanctuary is under attack. I have more of these but didn’t want to overload this post with them.

This was pretty funny. I had just taken out the emperor’s body double, and this guard doesn’t seem to care enough to do anything about it.

Wow Gianna….Just wow. I wonder what she’s nervous about?

This one speaks for itself

He comments on it if you’re wearing chef’s clothes when you talk to him.

I actually had the horse follower mod I have work for me for once! Very cool I think. That marks the end of this one. Check back next week for more and hope you enjoyed!

Screenshots of My Most Recent Moments in Skyrim

Here is a quick compilation of my most recent screenshots I’ve taken in Skyrim. Most of them are just things I thought were pretty, and there may be a funny glitch or two thrown in. I’ll be putting them in reverse-chronological order. Enjoy!

Here’s a really nice sky pic. I take a lot of these, mostly at night in-game. The night sky of this game can have so many pretty colors

I was visiting Dragonsreach and found Irileth like this. I’m not sure how she managed to pull this one off… On another note, the man in the left of the pic is my follower, Marcurio. I dressed him in Dawnguard armor and a modded hood and mask. (If anyone is wondering, it’s the black mage armor mod)

Here’s Irileth’s odd glitch from a different angle. I think she has more to be concerned about than the jarl right now…

For some reason this was just very satisfying. He had just enough septims to buy the armor I sold him.

This was outside Dragonsreach. Looks like a new moon. Pretty cool in my opinion.

This might have been outside the city, but I’m not sure. In any case, nice to look at.

I found the headless horseman random encounter. He doesn’t show up much for me, but when I do see him I make sure to get a picture.

Interesting ghostly trail that he leaves behind. It looks like he was dismounted, which I didn’t know could happen.

Here’s one of his horse without him on it.

I think I was in the plains of Whiterun when I took this.

Here’s one of both the moons with a nice background behind them. I may have been leaving Morthal for this one.

In case you were thinking I only took pictures at night, here’s one of what is either a sunset or sunrise.

This one is just too pretty to not put here.

Inigo said this line right after my character’s wedding (she married Marcurio). He’s such a good mod follower.

Here’s a picture from the wedding. And yes, this is the same character I wrote a backstory post for. Our ex-bandit has come a long way.

This was right after a dragon battle. Inigo’s lines always make me smile.

This one is a little confusing. I’m not sure if it’s just a different angle of the post-dragon slaying, or if it’s from the fight.

I taught Marcurio Stendarr’s aura. (Using a mod called Amazing Follower Tweaks)

A very pretty picture taken outside Jorrvaskr.

I found this guy sitting in midair in Riften. Pretty cool trick so I gave him a septim.

Here’s a different angle. It looks like Inigo was in a hurry to check this out too.

Here’s a pretty sunset from over the top of the wall of Whiterun.

Dragon battle time!

And with the slaying of this random dragon, that concludes this compilation. Hope you enjoyed! Check back next week for more pretty stuff and shenanigans.

Sims 3 Best and Worst Expansion Packs (In my opinion)

Here is my list of the best and worst expansions in the sims 3, starting with my least favorite and ending with my personal favorite. This list is just my own opinion, not trying to hate on anyone’s favorites. I won’t be talking about the stuff packs because they only add items instead of new game play.

11.Island Paradise (My least favorite)

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Island Paradise expansion for a few reasons. One being just how laggy the world that came with it is. I never felt inclined to run a resort, and the scuba diving gets old pretty quick. While we got mermaids, and (as you’ll soon see) I love different occult types, mermaids are really annoying to actually use. They seem like the have to shower or be swimming ALL THE TIME, or they dry out. The only time I really played a mermaid was when a sim girl I made married a merman (I had no idea until after they were married!). After learning what a pain it is to take care of them, I quickly researched how to cure him, and kept him away from salt water until he became human. This pack might have been higher on my list if mermaids weren’t so needy.

10. Showtime

The only reason this isn’t lower on my list is because of the ridiculous mermaids. I never bothered with simport. It’s a singleplayer game. Why would I want to send my sims to other player’s games? This whole pack could have been skipped completely. The careers aren’t that interesting, and are really too hands on for me. I would rather send my sim to a rabbithole job and do stuff with other sims in my household, but the careers in this make it so you have to essentially ignore any other sims that might be under your control.

9. Late Night

Don’t get me wrong, the bars and mixology skill added by this pack were decent, but the celebrity system is so annoying. The paparazzi are always showing up, and your sims get falsely accused of stuff, which can give them a bad moodlet for days. The apartments are disappointing, and frankly the developers did better with apartments in sims 2.

8. Into the Future

This wasn’t a bad pack, but I don’t use it much. The most I use it for in a regular game is to have a robot to take care of gardening and other chores for my rich sims. In most games I immediately sell or delete the portal when it appears.

7. Pets

I don’t hate this expansion really. I just like others more. I actually enjoy the option to have a sim take care of horses for a living, and the addition of a unicorn to a household of mine (which usually have some occult type people in them) is pretty cool. The baby animals are cute, and it’s nice to have your pets hunt for you.

6. Generations

This was a good pack that seemed mainly aimed at children and teens. It rounds out families pretty well, with more stuff for kids to do, which honestly was needed as before adults had all the fun. Although the imaginary friend is really creepy, and for some reason most of my sim babies get it.

5. Ambitions

This is a pretty good pack, with more career options for your sims. I haven’t done much with the professions added by this, but I enjoyed what little I have done with it. The real awesomeness of this pack, for me, was the option to let your sims get self-employed. There are so many different options for it! I think I’ve actually had more self-employed sims than not, now that I think about it.

4. World Adventures

This is one of my favorite packs. The skills it adds are really awesome, the new locations are fun to explore, and I really like the rpg feel of sending your sims on fun quests. The recipes are also pretty cool for a chef sim. You can do so much with this pack besides such going on quests. You can have your sim become a professional nectar maker or photographer, have them learn martial arts and send them to China to participate in the tournament, or even just learn new songs from the locals. This is what a well rounded-out expansion pack should be. Not to mention, we got basements.

3. University Life

Another pack that lets you send your sims somewhere other than your main town. You can send your sims to get a higher education, or just have them party the whole time. Somehow, in my games, my sims get invited to a party at university every day they are there. So the game seems bent on distracting your sims from studying, but then again, so does real life. If your sim decided to study hard instead of partying, they can get a boost to their desired career after earning a degree. All in all it’s a good pack that adds plenty of fun shenanigans.

2. Seasons

This should have been in the base game to begin with. Seasons are a big part of real life, so why not have them in a life simulator? This pack adds plenty of new activities for your sims to enjoy during each season. But why were aliens part of this instead of putting them in Supernatural?

  1. And that brings me to my all time favorite expansion pack, Supernatural. Your sims can get various cool abilities depending on their occult type. My favorite is the witch, for the ability to blend in while casting spells that either help or hinder those around you. Werewolves are a little disappointing, but they make good companions for the witches, as they can hunt for alchemy supplies. Vampires are my second favorite occult type, but only with mods to make them less… Friendly? For some reason vanilla vampires have to make friends with someone before drinking from them. That’s just silly, but thankfully there are mods to fix this. Fairies make good gardeners and painters, plus they get wings so that’s pretty cool.

And that concludes my list! Feel free to leave a comment about your own preferences. Hope you enjoyed!

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